Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 2011 Easterns

Regatta Results:
13 boats participated with new comer Brad Wright (LA-24), noted class alumni Eric Horrocks (LA-12 ) and 6 time Easterns Champ Scott Callahan (BH-11). Easterns Champ and Iron man John Harkrader (BH-1) also came out of retirement. We had an awesome day of sailing on Saturday with a nice ENE wind between 10 and 15 mph with 6 races sailed. PRO Bill Scheyer and his committee did a great job setting the perfect short course configuration to make the racing exciting. Racing was intense with more mark roundings, crowded roundings, and many lead changes.
Tim Faranetta (LA-5) with daughter Julia won the first race in shifty conditions but it was Kevin Flood (LA-1) with his 11 year old son Brendan who led the regatta after the first two races. The lightweight crews of these boats showed that they were not afraid to hike in the windiest races of the day. Eric Horrocks chased the John Applegate (LA-150) and Scott Callahan but made a brilliant passing move on the last upwind to win race 2. In race 3 John Applegate made an impressive comeback and won after a deep mark rounding at the first mark. Dave Ventimiglia (LA-9) showed good speed and finished second.
After lunch racing resumed with race 4 and a nice 20 shift to the east which was played well by Dave Applegate (LA-50) and Tim Faranetta who worked the right side of the first leg. The committee did a great job adjusting for the wind shift. Anticipating the oscillation back to the left much of the fleet worked the middle to left side of the course but gains were still made on the right allowing John to move up to second with Tim able to hang on for the win. Race 5 saw the left oscillation as much of the fleet tried to squeeze out another righty off the start. John Applegate was not fooled and went on for the wire to wire win with Scott pressing for the lead.
At the end of 5 races and the drop included LA-150 and LA-5 were tied for the lead. Team LA-5 prepared for the race by emptying water bottles and removing spray tops to intimate the competition. Race 6 was started in a dying easterly with 5 to 7 mph wind. Tim was able to duck a couple of transoms to work the right side and led at the 1st mark. John and Scott were close behind. The drama came to a peak in the last downwind leg as Scott jibed mid-way down the leg to round the left gate and work the right side on the last leg. With the help of his six grader Julia, Tim was able to master complex mathematics prior to the start and knew he had to cover John and go around the right gate. Fortunately there was also more breeze building to the northeast which made the decision easy. The left side continued to build allowing Tim to cover John up the leg and win the race.
Racing on Saturday was followed up by post race cocktail party and dinner at LYC catered by Shore Catering of Brick. The bar was busy till midnight with dancing and DJ Lewis spinning his ipod.
2 races scheduled for Sunday were canceled as a result of wind with gusts excess of 25 mph.
Award Summary
Mid Fleet Award: LA-9 Dave Ventimiglia
Race 1 Award: LA-5 Tim Faranetta
Race 2 Award: LA-12 Eric Horrocks
Top Master: John Applegate
2011 Easterns Champion: LA-5 Tim Faranetta

Pictures and Video
I will have pictures for the website shortly. Also have loaded video from the windward mark to YouTube on races 1 thru 5. Search on M Scow Easterns.
Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/pfaranetta
Tim's Tuning Notes
Sailed with mast raked at 24' 7" with 180 pds on the stays. I decrease the stay tension to 150 pds prior to the last race. I feel that the new mast is very fast and allows me to depower the rig by trimming hard on the main sheet. With some vang, traveler down and a tight main we are able to point and keep our speed up in the breeze. Sailing with 150 to 180 pds of pressure is preferable with the flatter jibs cut by Henry Bossett. Another big discovery this season for me was sailing with the board ¼ down downwind. I have sailed with too much board all season and finally realized in the last few regattas of the year. Better late than never!