About Us

About Us:

Welcome to the website of the North American M-Scow Association. We hope your visit to our website will kindle your interest in the most beloved of all inland lakes scows. Many great sailors from coast to coast have had the opportunity to sail this boat from the bays of New Jersey, to the inland lakes of the Midwest to the mighty reservoirs of the Southwest. Sailors have learned what scow sailing is about sailing this boat. The M-Scow has always been the people's scow. From its nimble handling and easy sailing characteristics the M has developed many of the finest sailors yet provided fun enjoyable sailing to the family or the most competitive of sailors. Please enjoy our website and learn more about the scow.

Association Officers

Commodore - Tom Welsch                               tomwelsch10@gmail.com   

Vice Commodore - Susan Kerr Rogers                    shkerr11@msn.com   

Rear Commodore -  position open

Treasurer - Curt Morton                                               mortonjc@optonline.net

Secretary - Ken Ingles                                                  keninglis@sympatico.com

Measurer - John Applegate                 

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