Friday, June 29, 2012

Regarding Schedules and Tuning

Hello all - 

Hope you are enjoying the start of the 2012 season! Here is the 2012 M-scow calendar. Couple of key dates: 

Sunday April 29th - Start of the season at MRYC
Saturday June 2nd - New addition to the calendar - TRYC Tune Up.
Friday, June 15th - BBRYA Skippers Meeting
Saturday, Sept 22nd - Easterns at IHYC

More details will be posted in the "Regatta Schedule" tab.

EDIT: A more detailed regatta schedule for the year can be found now, in the "Regatta Schedule" tab.


Since we are all using the same sails I thought I would send a note on tuning for light to medium air:

1. Stay tension: 150 pds with the Loos Pro gauge (time to upgrade if you still use the
model b).
2. Mast rake: 24' 6 3/4" to 24' 7" Remember to check your rake by sending a tape up
the main halyard and locking in the up position. Measure to the deck at the transom.
This should be done frequently as lines can stretch and numbers will change.
3. Jib cars: 22" back from aft side of mast, 25" apart (side to side).
4. Boards - check your board lines to insure that the board is in the full down
position. When sailing downwind you only need 1/4 or less board in flat water.
5. Older boats should lightly wet sand hull, rudders and bilge boards for a smooth
surface. Extra care should be paid to the boards as the aluminum can pit and be very

Looking forward to seeing you on the water!

Tim Faranetta