Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pictures From New Jersey State Championships

Afternoon, sailors!

    As many of you are probably aware, the M16 States regatta was held this past weekend at Manasquan River Yacht Club. Although I have no format write up for you this time (I wasn't able to make it out), I do have some pictures from the event, taken by Henry Bossett. They make great profile pics!

Here is a link to a high quality gallery of the pictures, if you wish to download any.

Tom Welsch (LA-24), winner of the 3rd race

Quinten Danish (MR-33), winner of the 4th race

Pat Boland (MC-34), winner of races 1 & 2
Till next time.
 - Jeremy Welsch

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

M-Scow State Championship - Oct 23, 2016

Here is some info from MRYC Rear Commodore John Deitz regarding this weekend's regatta. I encourage all to attend!


Ahoy M Scow Sailors!

Please join us for the 5th date of the 2016 Fall Series
at Manasquan River Yacht Club this Sunday October 23rd.
First race starts at 2:00 (arrive to register & rig at 1:00).

This day's Fall Series racing will constitute the M Scow NJ State Championship.
The winner of this day's racing will take home the Tom John Trophy!

The NOR, SI and Registration for the States are here:

You do not need to re-register for the States if you have already registered for the series.

Hope to see you there!

John Deitz, Rear Commodore MRYC

Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Easterns Review

September 17, 2016
This past Saturday, sailors from all around the East Coast (New Jersey) congregated at Toms River Yacht Club to compete in the M-Scow class’ most storied regatta, the Easterns.  Although there were whisperings of a postponement, the wind responded by filling in quite nicely - an easterly breeze of about 7 miles an hour at the docks.  Everybody was treated to bagels, doughnuts, and coffee courtesy of the yacht club staff, and 9 boats set out shortly after the 10am harbor gun.  The late-summer weather was nothing short of beautiful.
Races followed the same template that everyone had followed throughout the summer: Windward-leeward, four legs, downwind finish. The wind funnelled down either side of the river, creating a relative dead-zone in the center of the course. These were challenging conditions to be sure. Our course was also shared by the Ensign class for their Fall Classic, adding some obstacles to take into account.
With a 3 minute start sequence being instituted, the first race started quickly. Everyone stayed relatively close to the line, which was itself on the short side for a 9-boat fleet. Most favored the left side on the first leg, but were careful not to stray too far left, for the outcroppings on the North bank of the river tended to kill all wind speed. After the first downwind leg, John Applegate strayed right instead, and was rewarded nicely with a 1st place finish. Following him was Doug Corbett (LA-5), who was using Tim Faranetta’s boat and sails, and Susan Rogers (BH-11).
The five races today were fairly short due to a smaller committee staff. An emergency in Seaside prompted Head of Committee and emergency responder Brian Gabriel to leave the start line and help elsewhere. The rest of the races were officiated by Scott Yates. Race 2 bore similar results, with John Applegate in 1st, Doug Corbett in 2nd, and Bill Warner (Z-4), who made an impressive comeback from an 8th in the race prior, clinched 3rd. He would stay towards the front of the fleet for the rest of the regatta.
It should be noted that there was no time allocated for a lunch break, though nobody seemed to complain. Instead, we fit in our midday meal before start sequences as we waited for the Ensigns to finish. The wind slowly built past 10 mph, though the middle of the course was still squirrely. Race 3 saw a new first place finisher this time around. Tom Welsch (LA-10) barely beat Curt Morton (LA-22) in the last downward leg for 1st place. Just behind was John Applegate receiving a 3rd. This race also saw some controversy towards the back of the fleet. Janet Davis (BH-15) and I (LA-24) were battling for an edge as the finish line neared. To counter them as they pressured us outside of the line, I reared back to jibe beneath, but only succeeded in hitting their stern, and sending them careening into the committee boat. I took the disqualification and retired for the day to collect myself, and assess any potential damage to my bow.
Race four continued without as many hangups. Whitecaps could be observed on the water in places, and the race resulted in Bill Warner in 1st, John Applegate in 2nd, and Tom Welsch in 3rd. This was the first and only time the top 3 in the regatta took the top 3 spots in a race (albeit out of order). Just goes to show how competitive this fleet continues to be.
The last race of the day was championed again by John Applegate, sealing away his overall first place finish by a wide margin. Behind him came Bill Warner, who similarly went on to take second in the event. Returning from mid-fleet was Susan Rogers for third place, making for very symmetrical results on her end. Tom Welsch, despite a 6th place finish, was awarded 3rd overall. On the final results, only 3 points separated 2nd place and 6th place.  The regatta was bookended by the award ceremony and a plethora of pizza.
With that, the summer series is over. Even though the weather is getting colder, there is still the Fall Series and Chili Bowl at Manasquan River Yacht Club, which I fully recommend to all. More details for each will be posted here on our blog. Thanks to all who made this year’s Easterns happen, and here’s to another successful regatta next year!

- Jeremy Welsch (LA-24) 

Full results can be found here:

Friday, September 2, 2016

Upcoming Events

All M Scow Sailors:

The Eastern's will be held at Toms River YC on Saturday September 17.

Manasquan River YC series begins on Sunday Sept 11 at 3 pm and continues on the following Sundays:  Sept 25 at 3 pm, Oct 9 at 2 pm, Oct 23 at 2 pm, and Nov 6 at 11 am.

The State's will be part of the series at Manasquan River YC and will be held on Sunday Oct 23 at 2 pm.  If you can't do the series, come out for the State's.

The North American's will be held on Pigeon Lake in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada on August 11, 12 and 13, 2017.  This will be an off weekend for the M Scows on the BBYRA.

BBYRA sailors, please submits requests for the Bay for 2017.

Support the class and come out to race.

- John Applegate
Hello again!
Here's some info on our annual M Scow Easterns regatta, being hosted on September 17th, 2016 at Toms River Yacht Club.
As mentioned directly above, registration and the NOR can be found here, at We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

North Americans Review

July 29-31, 2016
For most people on the East Coast, this past weekend was a wet and dreary one. The good people gathered at Lavallette Yacht Club, however, didn’t seem to mind. The North American Championships for the M-Scow class featured 17 boats, including representation from Ontario (Mike Burton-Davies and Al Barker of PI-818), and Minnesota (Joe and Mitchell Schroeder of LH-11). Most others were very familiar with the Barnegat Bay area. As boats trickled in to be weighed and tuned on Friday, practice races were held for those looking to get an extra edge that weekend. It was shaping up to be a very competitive regatta.
Come Saturday, things started out slow. The wind took a bit of time to fill in, and the races were postponed as everyone crawled to the course. The wind filled in to a steady 7-9 mph directed south as dark storm clouds loomed over the mainland. The courses were windward-leeward, with 4 legs each.
The first race set the tone of the regatta, as the top 4 finishers, Tim Faranetta (LA-5), Brad Wright (LA-33), Curt Morton (LA-22), and Doug Corbett (BH-41) would go on to sweep the top 4 spots of the regatta respectively.
A competitive start
The lighter winds gave way to steady gusts of 11-13 mph over the course of the second race, where we saw a similar spread of boats taking the top spots. The storm clouds inched closer, but the rain stayed away, only spurring on more wind and waves. This time around the top three boats were Brad Wright, Tim Faranetta, and Doug Corbett.
Tim and Julia Faranetta (LA-5)
During the lunch break winds really picked up, and started to clock around from the south to the southwest, making the tacks to port longer and longer. The third race saw winds well over 15 mph, and the accompanying turbulence on the water took Mark Lewis’ (MA-18) splashboard right off! He and his crew Catherine Lewis scrambled to retrieve it, and shoved it into the back of the bilge, where it stayed for the rest of the day. The top 2 in this race was again occupied by Brad Wright and Tim Faranetta, while clinching 3rd with an exceptional performance was Dave Applegate (LA-50).
Brad Wright and Jamie Wasco (LA-33)
Race #4 saw even heavier winds than the last. While the storm clouds passed to the north, whitecaps peppered the water. Curt Morton thrived in the tough conditions, claiming 1st by a large margin, followed by Doug Corbett and Tim Faranetta. Just behind them was Dale Froriep (T-44), who shot out in front of mid-fleet to secure an impressive finish. Multiple boats capsized over the course of the 4th race, prompting the committee to abandon the last race scheduled for the day. It’s safe to say that most sailors agree with their decision, save for maybe Curt.
Curt Morton and Tom Hanley (LA-22)
That night sailors enjoyed dinner on the second floor of the clubhouse prepared by Patricia Faranetta and Lavalette staff. Photos taken by Susan Wright and Brian Emmanuelle on the first day of races were available to view, and a fleet meeting held outside was complemented nicely by the setting sun.
On Sunday, the rain finally decided to pay us a visit. Fog cloaked the bay for most of the morning, and thankfully, there was enough wind to send everybody to the course on time. The goal for the weekend was to host 7 races, which meant making up the one abandoned the day before. Conditions were again fair, with winds to the south at around 6 mph and building through the day.
The biggest news coming from race 5 was a stellar performance by Blair Davis (LA-11). After a Saturday with middling results, Blair had a great start and spent the majority of the 4 legs in 1st, only for Tim Faranetta to steal the win away by inches in the downwind finish. Following them was Brad Wright and Mark Lewis.
Blair Davis and Chelsea Wright (LA-11)
The wind shifted and swelled as the 5th race concluded, resulting in a readjustment of the course. This meant there was not adequate time to start a 7th race. To make up for this fact, our final race of the regatta contained 5 legs - the only upwind finish of the regatta. The rain and fog had all but cleared out, giving way to beautiful sun. Blair Davis has a another fantastic race, finishing second once again, this time behind Curt Morton, who favored the heavier wind. Doug Corbett took up 3rd behind them, holding off Tim Faranetta.

The regatta concluded with a lunch and award ceremony catered by Surf Taco. More pictures were up for viewing, and the food was delicious. It turns out that the top 4 finishers were separated by only 8 points. All in all the regatta could not have been run any better, given the wind’s shifty nature. For that, we give thanks to the race committee, led by Bob Marrow and Ed Reardon. Here’s to another great North Americans next year at Pigeon Lake Yacht Club.

- Jeremy Welsch (LA-24)
Full results of the regatta can be viewed here:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Upcoming Regattas, Summer 2016

Hey everyone! It's been a while.

Here's a bit of information regarding some of the upcoming regattas this summer.

The 19th Annual Callahan Regatta 
Friday, July 22nd, Bay Head Yacht Club

    9:00am-11:30pm: Breakfast and Registration
    10:00-11:30: Sailors Seminar
    11:45-12:00: Skippers Meeting
    Approximately 12:00: Harbor Gun
    Approximately 1:00: Start of first race
    Awards following the races at BHYC

More information can be found on their site:

North American Championship
July 29th - 31st, Lavallette Yacht Club

    Friday, July 29th, 2016                      
        13:00 – 18:00 Registration, Check-In and Measurement
        15:00 Practice Race
        17:00 Happy hour at LYC
    Saturday, July 30th, 2016                    
        08:00 – 10:00 Registration, Check-In , Measurement & Breakfast
        10:00 – 10:15 Competitors Meeting
        10:30 Harbor Gun
        11:00 Warning minute break between race #2 and #3.
        No warning signal will be made after 1630 hours on Saturday
        6:30 PM Dinner at LYC
    Sunday, July 31st, 2016                      
        08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast
        09:30 Harbor Gun
        10:00 Warning Signal, Race 6 with Race 7 to follow
        13:00 Lunch and Awards
        No warning signal will be made after 11:30 hours on Sunday.

Keep in mind that a $25 late fee will be applied after July 20th. Let Tim Faranetta know if youre interested in housing at

Registration and the NOR can be found here: